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Car Diagnostic Tests and Fault Code Reading in South Woodford

Chigwell Car Servicing provides engine diagnostics and warning light tests for customers in South Woodford, Chigwell and surrounding areas. We’re specialists in providing in-depth car diagnostic testing to find the solutions to your car problems in South Woodford.

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Engine diagnostics

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle and just like any other component within your car, it can be subject to daily use and wear. An engine diagnostic test helps to identify where the faults are lying within your car. In addition to this, it helps to identify warning lights and find the cause of problems you might be experiencing.

The latest equipment

We offer affordable car diagnostic tests using the latest equipment in the South Woodford area. Our engine diagnostics help us to get the route of any problems you might be experiencing with your vehicle. There could be hundreds of issues that stem from your car’s warning lights and our equipment helps us to detect this accurately and a lot quicker than if we were to find it ourselves! As a result of using the latest equipment, we can get you back on the road quickly. We’ll find faults quickly which enables us to repair your car and get it back to you the same day!

Fault code reading and repairs

Our mechanics are then able to read specific fault codes that are related to your particular make and model of car. Once we’ve found the cause of any performance problems, we’ll fill you in on all the details. We’ll let you know the problem and the price to get it repaired. With your full approval, we’ll then go ahead and get your car back to running at optimum performance.

Your vehicle in good hands

With the use of specialist diagnostic equipment combined with the abundance of experience our mechanics possess, we’re able to provide quality repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. This means all customers that book in our garage can have access to the best garage services in the area at competitive prices. Our team are always available to answer any questions you might have and explain warning lights and what they could mean. It’s always best for us to look at your car in person to provide you with a fully reliable diagnosis and an accurate price. Bring your car to Chigwell Car Servicing for an engine diagnostic check and you can have a full guarantee that your car is in the best hands in the South Woodford area.

General Repairs

We also provide car servicing and general repairs at our garage in South Woodford. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, we can visually inspect your car and provide engine diagnostics to find the solution. We can repair exhausts, steering, clutches, cambelts, gearboxes, air conditioning and wheel alignment at Chigwell Car Servicing.

Not only can we provide repairs to most vital components in your vehicle, we can also provide car body repairs, dent removal and engine tuning and remapping. All in all, we can repair any component on any make and model of vehicle. Just simply book online for diagnostics, health checks, servicing and more with Chigwell Car Servicing.

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