Chigwell Car Servicing – Video Authorisation for your Repairs

Instant videos of your car’s problems sent to your phone

Your approval via video

At Chigwell Car Servicing, we have access to the latest technology in video authorisation.

What does this mean? It means that our customers can quickly and easily view their repairs via a video, demonstrating the problem along with a price. You can easily ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the repairs, get instant access to prices and have a full explanation of your car repairs. Simple.

Clear repairs and quick quotes you can trust

Seeing is believing. The car repair video allows you to see for yourself where the problems are, along with a full explanation of what the problem is and what needs to be done to get it fixed.

Not only that, but you will receive instant access to prices that you can quickly respond to with just one click, even during a busy day.

How does video authorisation work?

Step 1 – Book your service or diagnostic

When you book in for repairs or a car service with Chigwell Car Servicing, we’ll take a look at your car to diagnose any problems or faults.

Step 2 – Once we’ve found out what the issue is, we video it.

Our mechanics will take a video of the repairs required so you can see exactly what the problem is.

Step 3 – We send the car repair video to you

This video is then sent to you via text and email so you can see it with your own eyes.

During the video, our mechanic will provide a description of the issue and what parts you’re looking at and why they need to be repaired or replaced. We’ll let you know our plan to get your car back on the road so you have a full explanation of what needs to be done.

Step 4 – View instant prices

Along with a video and description of your repairs, we also provide a price that you’ll have instant access to once the video has finished. These prices are fixed and inclusive of labour, so you can have full confidence that you know what you’ll be paying for when you come to collect your car.

Step 5 – Authorise the car repairs

At the end of the video, you’ve got the option to ‘Accept’ the repairs or ‘Reject’ them. If you’re happy and click ‘Accept’, we’ll get to work on your car straight away and let you know when the work is done.

If you reject the repairs, we’ll be happy to speak to you and give you further advice and guidance on your car and any issues. We’ll always contact you when your car is ready to be picked up, regardless of whether the repairs have been done or not.

Video Authorisation FAQs

What if there is nothing wrong with my car?

If your car doesn’t need any repairs after a service or inspection, we can still send you a video to let you know or we’ll contact you directly. We’ll confirm that no repairs are needed and your car is ready to be collected.

What happens if I reject the repairs?

If you reject the repairs on the video, we’ll contact you to let you know when you can come and collect your car. We’ll never do any work without your approval, but we’re always on hand to provide advice and recommendations on any questions you might have about your car repairs.

What if I want the work but I would like a specific part?

We always use original manufacturer parts or equivalent quality on your vehicle on all our repairs. However, if you’d like a specific part on your vehicle, just let us know. You can reject the repairs, and we’ll give you a call to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can accept and let us know by calling us that you’d prefer a specific part on your vehicle.

What if I want time to make a decision on my car repairs?

You don’t have to make a decision straight away. The video is there for you to see and make an informed decision so if you need more time – that’s absolutely fine! We’d much prefer you were 100% happy with the repairs. You can watch the car repairs video as often as you’d like and give a response when you’re ready.

Do I need a specific phone in order to see the video?

No, you just need a phone that enables videos to be sent to you that you are able to watch. In other words, you need the internet or data on your phone. However, we do also email the video to you as well, so if you can’t access it on your phone or you’ve run out of data, then you can view it on desktop or laptop computer instead.

Will it cost me money to view the video on my phone?

It doesn’t cost any money to view a video via text on your mobile. All you need is access to the internet. It’ll be consumed in your data usage – but it’ll be completely free if you have access to WiFi.

If you have any further questions about video authorisation for your car repairs or you would like any advice on your vehicle maintenance or car repairs, just contact us today at Chigwell Car Servicing and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Simply enter your vehicle registration to get an instant price and book your car in now. You don’t pay until the work is done.

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